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About JSProve

Created by Paul Brook and James Holdsworth. Written in HTML5 and JavaScript.

Feature Requests

  • Parse place notations and generate rows PB Feb 2011
  • Prove truth of a composition at all stages from place notation and user input PB Feb 2011
  • Informative Music output for all stages PB/JH Feb/Mar 2011
  • Variety of Call Types JH Mar 2011
  • Shorthand generation of composition JH Jun 2011
  • Central Council (standard) formatting of true compositions
  • Method loader - using XHR from CC library files JH Apr 2011
  • Use more than one method (spliced) JH Jun 2011
  • Snap start - user can just create a "new method" by inputing full lead place notation, missing off first 2 changes
  • Half lead calls
  • All the work checker for spliced compositions JH Nov 2012
  • Change of method counter JH Nov 2012
  • Stage beyond Maximus